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So you have already found the perfect house or apartment? The place you are going to call Home? Congratulations! But along with the pleasant impatience of getting into your new home, there goes a lot of work to be done. Here are a few useful tips that will make your home removal experience far more effortless.

1. Start as early as possible.
Ask for quotes from several removal companies, go to places where you can find movers and ask them also about a price for the service. Usually movers are cheaper to hire rather than removal companies. If possible you can consider doing some of the work by yourself, this will save you budget.

2. Put numbers on the boxes
A simple but very effective way of sorting the things is to give numbers to every room of your home. Then put the corresponding numbers on the boxes. This way of sorting boxes will save you hours of work as you will know which box should go to which room.

3. Do not overfill the boxes
Never fill one box with heavy things only! Combine them with light ones. This will make your task easier and will decrease the risk of potential injuries.

4. Fragile things
Pack all fragile things in boxes altogether with towels, bathrobes and sheets. Do not forget to mark these boxes as “fragile” and “handle with care”.

5. Store furniture components in one place
If you need to disassemble some of the furniture, put labels on every separate part of it. All small bits put into a small bag and tie it to one of the components.

6. Gas, light, water
Make sure all these essential things are arranged before getting into your new home.

7. Change of address
Make sure you have informed everyone that should know about the change of your home address. This includes your friends, family, bank and finance institutions, newspapers, magazines for which you have subscribed, etc.

8. Necessary things
Make sure that all of the things you will need when you get into your home are kept under arm. This includes screwdrivers, nuts, scissors, knives, etc. You ca be absolutely sure that it would be a great inconvenience if you put them in the bottom of a box.

9. Make sure the removal company is reliable
Choose a company whose vans have the company name and logo on it. This will assure you that the company will not just take your money and leave the work undone and you can trust it. And always ask for a precise price for the overall removal work to be done, never ask for a price based on an hourly basis. This way you will know the final price before starting the work and will know what budget you will need.

And last but not least – when you are leaving your previous home always make sure you leave it clean and tidy. After all, at some point it will have new inhabitants. Make their home removal as effortless as it is yours.