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Charles S. 18Jul 2016
I had never used a removal firm before but that changed once I had Clapham Moving Service help me out. I was amazed at how much work they could do for me and how much effort they put into it. They completed my entire move and did a terrific job with everything.
Angus 19May 2016
I recently employed the help of Clapham Moving Firm to assist one of my tenants with their move. While I wasn't present during the move, my tenant has said that the man and van hire was brilliant and that everything was taken care of to the highest of standards. Will definitely be using again.
Gary N. 17Mar 2015
RemovalsClapham really were fantastic from the word go. They showed excellence in every aspect of the services they delivered and were able to get the job done to an extremely high standard. The removal team were kind, considerate and even helped with the unpacking of my items upon reaching my new house.
Kay Lake 17Dec 2014
My boyfriend and myself moved house a while back, but because we were first time movers we really needed a lot of help and support along the way. It simply wasn't possible to do it all on our own so in the end we hired RemovalsClapham and they did a fantastic job at helping us out as new first movers. Everything went as planned and there were no additional fees. I can't say how thankful we are for all their help.
Annie T. 22Oct 2014
I had to move to my new home really quickly but moving on my own meant that I didn't have the help I needed when it came to packing everything up. I wanted an experienced removals company that could provide me with a packing service that was dependable and thorough so that my antiques and fragile items wouldn't get damaged. RemovalsClapham did a very good job and they used excellent packing materials to keep everything safe during transit. Very happy with the help I got for my move and the service wasn't too expensive either!
Jason G. 10Sep 2014
When you move, you just want it to be as easy as it can possibly be. But most of the time moving is so hectic and it drains you of energy and time. I asked all my mates who they recommended for house removals and a few of them agreed on the same company: RemovalsClapham. They said they are really professional and hard working. They will not let you down. And they didn't. With them my move was smooth and easy. It wasn't too tiring. I would certainly hire them again and definitely recommend them for sure!
W. Williams 27Aug 2014
Here at the Williams' house, we have a big thank you to say to the men at RemovalsClapham who helped us move house. We were very impressed by how easily it all happened, and have to say that without your help we would have had a very different time! The fact of the matter is that we needed a company who would be friendly and helpful, and that is what we got! Our kids had a fine time of it, and they loved having the team around, which made everything a lot more fun!
Linda Watson 07Jul 2014
I was extremely pleased with how well my recent removal with RemovalsClapham went, and was very surprised at how low their rates were overall. I found the staff to be extremely friendly, and you could not want for a more accurate reading of the sizes of vehicles that we needed for the job. I was quite amazed when the lorry was filled perfectly, with no space wasted, and no need to put anything in our car! I would thoroughly recommend the team to anyone who needed a decent removals company, many thanks to them and all who made the move so easy!
Josh Rogers 26Jun 2014
Got a great deal on a recent move and I wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of the prices which RemovalsClapham charged for their services. I was in need of a particular kind of furniture removal as part of my move (something large, awkward and expensive) and I needed to make sure that the moving company I chose could handle everything and that they could do it at the right price. That's what led me to them and I have not looked back since. I got a great service, saved money and saved stress. Just absolutely perfect.
Gary 02Jun 2014
I had a leaflet dropped through my letterbox at a time when I was actually planning a move, to be honest I had already booked up with a company but RemovalsClapham was offering much better quotes so I cancelled with the others and cut my losses to try out this new company instead, what can I say? They were fantastic and they work so hard for what you pay but what stood out to me the most was how caring and considerate this team of movers are, they take great with everything they handled, great service, top notch!
April Smith 13May 2014
I move around a lot, office wise, due to my work. Money isn't really an issue to me but receiving quality of service is. However, no matter how long and hard I have looked, I simply find it impossible to get hold of a professional removals company that don't rip you off and actually offer good, high quality services. Well, that was until I found RemovalsClapham. They were, and I'm not kidding, the most amazing and brilliant company I had ever had the pleasure to meet. Finding them was a miracle. The staff was hard working and 100% dedicated to making my move easy.
Steve 29Apr 2014
When you want to make sure that your house move goes well, the best thing to do is to hire the right removal company. For me, that is always RemovalsClapham. The help which they are able to provide means that there is never anyone better when it comes to making sure that I get the best possible moving experience. That's both in terms of price and the services which they are able to offer me and the fact that every time I've hired them, they've delivered an excellent service which no other company has ever managed to match.
Karla Huff 15Apr 2014
I have moved house once or twice previously, and I must say, I have never remembered feeling like it was worth reviewing a removals team before! However, RemovalsClapham gave me reason to sing their name from the rooftops, as they were amazing! I found that the move went by in a blur of easy decisions, and friendly meetings, in which the whole thing was planned out and sorted without a problem. I just packed and made sure that things were ready to be moved, and then suddenly I was in the new house! I can't recommend them highly enough!
Darrell A. 29Mar 2014
I operated an internet business from home, and was in need of finding a separate business space now as it was getting too big to run from my home. I needed a reputable removal company to do the move as I had a lot of expensive equipment and products to shift safely. I didn't need to be concerned as friend gave me the details of a firm they had used and were happy with. I contacted them and from start to finish RemovalsClapham was brilliant. Great care was taken with all of my belongings and nothing got damaged in transit.
Helen 19Mar 2014
Wanted to drop by and add my name to the list of satisfied customers. We've been looking into moving for a number of years, but never actually gotten around to doing it for a variety of reasons. By the time we finally took the plunge, it turned out that people had been passing on their recommendations for a number of years. I have forgotten most of them, but RemovalsClapham's name kept coming up over and over again. I think this tells you all you need to know really, that there are a huge number of incredibly satisfied customers out there.
Annie Simmons 28Feb 2014
Do you need the right help for your move? Well, I can now honestly suggest that this would be best suited by hiring RemovalsClapham as soon as you can. I was looking for help getting our things moved and they were great in making sure that everything we had, and all the kid's things especially, were moved really easily into the new place. It's the little kinds of things that make a really big difference and that was where they made the big difference. So if you need to get your move handled right, I'd suggest you hire these guys and they'll make a big difference.
Christine Ross 10Feb 2014
It seems strange that no other company is able to come close to what the team at RemovalsClapham is able to offer. I mean, it's not rocket science, it's just a great customer service, combined with a quick and easy professionalism. It seems so simple, but in reality, trying to find that can be really tough. So it goes without saying that when you find the right company, you go back to them every time. And we do, every time we move and suggest them every time a friend moves. Best service we've had in a while, great service every time.
Jodie S. 31Jan 2014
My hired movers were on time, very efficient and in general quite excellent. My day with these movers was a wonderful experience from beginning to end and one that I will not soon forget. They were very gently when carrying, loading and placing items; plus, although their rates were already affordable they gave me an additional discount. Overall, RemovalsClapham has professional services of the highest standard at great prices. It was the first time I have used this company and can guarantee that they will definitely hear from me as well as any member of my family or circle of friends who may need to move.
Lydia L. 21Jan 2014
I called RemovalsClapham looking to hire a man with a van that I could trust. I'd heard a lot of horror stories about trusting unreliable movers and I definitely didn't want anything like that to happen to me or my belongings! A friend recommended this company to me and I just had to write in and say how happy I am with the service. I didn't just get the perfect van to help me move, but I also got the help of a really experienced and professional mover too! This is a really affordable service and I can't praise them enough!
Nicole 07Jan 2014
If you are looking for a removals team, who can ensure that your move goes without a hitch, whilst also offering you a great price, you would do extremely well to hire RemovalsClapham. They are fantastic at getting families moved without stress or bother, and our recent move went incredibly well! Also, the value was incredible. We paid much less than I expected to, and given the service we got, I was over the moon with the whole thing! I would recommend them to anyone!
Mary 28Dec 2013
I worked with RemovalsClapham for my office move and was extremely impressed with their service. I was looking for a professional and reliable company. I was thrilled with their service, as all their staff members were reliable and prompt. They were working at a time that was most convenient for the business. They were always efficient and knowledgeable about how best to pack certain things. They were able to move all the office belongings quickly and efficiently. I couldn't have asked for a better service. I would definitely recommend them for anybody who is looking for an affordable and reliable company for their company move.
Giovanna G. 18Dec 2013
RemovalsClapham provided a great service for my office move. I needed a reliable and professional removal service as I was responsible for a big office move. I needed to relocate employees and finalize last arrangements before the move, I simply didn't have time to worry about packing and transportation. I really needed a company that had initiative and expertise. I was so impressed with their service, I would recommend them for anybody. They truly understood that I was had a budget and schedule that needed to be met. They were a great service, friendly, reliable and affordable. Thanks team!