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Whatever the size or distance of your move, having a man and a van on hand can be a real asset. You can often save a fair amount of money by utilising these services during your relocation, and even bypass removal companies altogether depending on the size and circumstance of your move. However, choosing a man and van can sometimes be a daunting process, as there is often a plethora of services available. Below is a brief guide that will help you locate a reliable man and a van, and how to save money using their services.

Choosing a reliable service

The first thing to do is find a man and a van you can trust. A great way to do this is to ask around friends and family, or colleagues at work, especially anyone you know who has moved home recently. A lot of man and van services operate on good word of mouth reputation, so this is a good place to start. You should also try searching the internet and local telephone directory. Once you have narrowed down your search, then compare quotes and go for the most affordable service. If you want to double check they are trustworthy, then see if they are registered with the British Association of Removers.

Getting the best value for money

Think carefully about what services you need, as this is where a man and a van can really save you money. If you’re planning an inner city relocation, then using a man and van will be cheaper than hiring a removal company, because it’s unlikely that your move will take more than one day. It can also be hard to tell exactly how long you will be in the vehicle and transferring your items, so because man and van services often only charge by the hour, you could make good savings compared to using a removal company, who generally charge by the day regardless. Even for larger moves, a man and van can be used for picking things up from storage, or for last minute emergencies, and you’ll only be charged for the time you actually need.

An extra pair of hands

Another advantage of a man and a van, is that you will get an extra person or two to help with the loading and unloading during the move. Not only that, but they are professionals, so will be a lot quicker at packing a vehicle. Again, this is very useful if you are moving alone or have a fairly small inner city move, as you will probably end up paying for time not used with a removal company.

A personal touch

Even if you have a lot of items and have to hire a removal company, having a man and a van on hand to perhaps transport your valuables can give you peace of mind. Often you will be able to grab a ride with them too, so you can keep a close eye on anything valuable that you might feel uncomfortable passing on to a removal company. Not only that, but local services often know the quickest and best routes around the area, so may be able to get things to your new home quicker than a removal company. This can be helpful if you want to get to your new home ahead of the removal team and get some basics unpacked. In addition to the extra help, it often works out cheaper and faster than hiring a van yourself, with the added benefit of not having to go through lengthy registration processes with a hire company.