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If you’re looking for a simple but effective way of keeping your goods safe, but have no more room in your house, consider a self storage facility. Whether you’re a hobbyist with too many knick knacks, a party animal with too many Christmas or birthday decoration, or if you need to de-clutter for a different reason, self storage has what you need. If you’re a first time storee, you might be unsure where to start when looking for one of these facilities. But wonder no more, here’s are the points you should keep in mind when looking for one;

Which storage type is for you?

This is the first and most important step. There are basically two different types of self storage, and both serve different purposes. You can look over what they both have to offer, and you can work out which one is for you.


Indoor self storage are warehouse based, and tend to have the highest security from both the elements and hoodlums. For this reason, these indoor units are at their best when you need to store expensive or otherwise precious items. That being said, though, because these facilities are based indoors, vehicle access is either tricky or completely impossible. So if you’re thinking of storing furniture or other heavy items, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Things like jewellery, antiques and important documents are ideal for this kind of storage. If you want to keep something safe that you can carry on foot, this is the type for you.


Facilities based outdoors are well suited to heavier items, because they’re typically shipping containers or garages that are easy to access with a vehicle. Because these units are based outdoors, though, you might want to take a few more precautions. Invest in some dust sheets and plastic wrapping if you plan to store for the medium to long term.

Furniture, gardening supplies, outdoor toys are right at home in these types of units. So if you’ve got an outdoor hobby, or are planning to move, have a look around for an outdoor storage unit.

How to find the right company

Now that you’ve got the first piece of the puzzle sorted out, it’s time to find the right storage company. First step? Research. Have a look around the Internet for storage companies based in your immediate area. A storage facility based close to where you live isn’t just easier to store with, it pretty much guarantees you round the clock access. If you have to drive miles to get something out of storage, then you’ve lost one of the great advantages that self storage provides; convenience. So keep that in mind.

Once you’ve make your short list of companies, start knocking names off the list. Look on review web sites and see which ones have the best reputation for security, accessibility, and customer service. These places are filled with the opinions of real customers who will only point you in the right direction. Review web sites are a fine resource indeed.

So, once you’ve found the storage company that offers; the type that you need, the reputation you can trust, and a location that’s convenient to you, you can start clearing out. Just think of what you can do with the space you’ll be saving; that spare room that’s always been full of boxes can now be of genuine use. Self storage units are the ultimate space saver.