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You either love to pack and hate to unpack or love to unpack and hate to pack. Whichever you are, and you could love or hate both, unpacking needn’t be a nightmare with this quick and easy how-to guide.

Make sure you previously made a house inventory list or if not you’ll have to really try and remember what you have and what you packed. Making a list is vital for avoiding forgetting anything and keeping a record of everything you own, especially valuables. Go by the list and keep a copy with you whilst you unpack. This is important as to help you tick off what you have and work out if anything is missing.

Unpack the essentials first. You probably packed a box of must-haves, so this is the first box to unpack. This should be one of the first boxes that comes out of the van, lorry or truck so make sure you’re ready to unpack it and speed up the process of removal. Or you may have moved your essentials with you on your journey; this will contain everything you need for the next few nights stay in your new home.

Next it’s time to unpack the kitchen. When you originally packed, if you followed guidelines and labelled and categories, you should easily find and locate what you need simply. Hooking up appliances should be your next move such as the kettle and toaster – this will make your move so much easier and help you live the next few days happily without lacking tea, toast and coffee. Plug the fridge in and make sure your heating and hot water are both properly working too.

Now for the beds. Put them together and unpack the sheets, duvets, linen and covers. These may have been packed in boxes or see-through bags, whichever should be pretty easy to locate. Before settling in for the night, this is one of your top three priorities in ensuring a peaceful first nights sleep. You don’t want to leave this one to the last minute. Also, unpack clothes and shoes as soon as possible and assemble the storage for these items; any shoe racks, drawers, wardrobes etc.

To unpack the bathroom, take out the most vital and important things first, such as medication, toiletries, the shower curtain and any mats and towels.

Arranging furniture should be next on your list; of course, you can leave this until the next day. Once your essentials are unpacked and ready, take a break. Unpacking furniture and setting up can be a real job in itself so perhaps set aside the next day to do this big task with regular tea breaks of course.

Bedrooms are the responsibly of each house member. Whether you’re living alone, with friends or a big family, make sure everyone knows which room is theirs and which bags and boxes are theirs so they can unpack accordingly.

Any shed and garden items are your least priority but make sure you get this unpacking done. Once settled in your home put some extra time aside to organise your garden, patio, conservatory and green house.

After unpacking, make the most of your new space and schedule time for redecoration, more unpacking and organisation. But don’t spend your whole time doing this. Get to know your new neighbourhood, neighbours, local attractions, shops and services. Rest-up, explore and relax too and you’re home will feel like home in no time.