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What to Do on the Moving Day
31Jan 2014
The big day has finally arrived, and it is time to cross your fingers that you have packed everything and that every task on the moving out list has been taken care of. The day of the move is a day of contrast right from the word go, because the excitement of moving home is offset by the dread of the actual moving stress. They say moving home is one of the most stressful experiences you will ever go through, and the actual day itself is the pinnacle of this. It doesn't have to be however, and there are a few little things you can do to make the day just that little bit more bearable and keep the excitement flowing:1.    Keep well stocked with refreshments.Your fridge will no doubt have been disconnected well in advance in order to facilitate its move, and all of your cupboards will have been packed into boxes. Moving home is however thirsty (and hungry work), so make sure you have plenty of easily-consumable items on hand at all times. Consider preparing sandwiches a couple of days in advance and store carefully until the day of the move, and save all plastic bottles in advance in order to make sure you have plenty of fluids within reach or buy a good stock on the day.  Moving boxes and furniture will be exhausting, so try to take some fluids on board when possible to make sure you are well hydrated throughout the day. Finally, if your kettle is going to be one of the last things packed into your emergency box then why not take a flask of tea or coffee along for the journey. 2.    Stay organised on the day.It may sound obvious, but it is incredibly easy to get wrapped-up in physically getting your property from A to B and forget about the actual process itself. Moving house is easier when the logistics are well thought out and the plan itself is followed. If you are using a moving company make sure you give them a key to your new home and either clearly mark boxes or think about providing a floor plan so that they know which items to put in certain rooms. This will prevent you entering your new home to find the living room full with all your possessions. 3.    Get the bed sortedThe moving day itself will be long and tiring – you are going to want a good night's sleep at the end of it. Make sure your bed is delivered to the right room by your movers and ensure that you pack a set of sheets etc in with your emergency box and your pillows and duvet are quickly accessible. Most people like to set the bed up as priority to make sure when they want to stop unpacking they have somewhere to rest their head!4.    Leave your old house lastYou need to do a final sweep of your old property to ensure you haven't missed anything. If you can see the house is completely clear you know everything is in the back of the removal lorry even if you cannot quite remember packing it.5.    Keep hold of your important documentsBirth certificates, passports, driving licences; don't let these out of your sight by carrying them on your person at all times. These are the last things you want to go missing. 6.    Check before you unpackWhen you get to your new property, just have a quick look round to check that everything you expected to be there is, and there isn't anything there you didn't expect to be. Not everyone is as thorough as you when clearing their home! Take meter readings and photos of any damage, and then the unpack can commence.