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Ten Things to Remember During Office Relocation
08Sep 2015

You might have dreamt about a bigger and better office space your entire career, and now when the time has finally arrived, are you confused about what to do and how? Well, office removals can be dreadful. Given that offices produce a lot of heavy furniture and equipment; relocation can be tedious, stretching over weeks. But if certain aspects are given proper attention, then it can run very smoothly.

The sheer number of things to take care of simultaneously might make the removal a dreadful nightmare without the proper checklist. So here is a list of ten things to remember while planning to relocate your office:

Right location
The new location that you choose will be the home for your company in the coming years. Hence, make sure to understand the locality, and check if it is right for your business needs before moving in.

Knowing the locality
After you have shortlisted sites ideal for your office, take some time to investigate the locality properly and collect information Moving-12_200x133about the neighbourhood. Not only will it help your employees to find their way around the new location, but they would also appreciate you keeping their needs for parking, caffeine, eating out and basic shopping in mind.

Realistic budget
While relocating to a new place, there would surely be additional expenses. Therefore, it is important to plan out the budget and keep a suitable margin for extra expenditure, in case of delays and damages.

Working ahead of time
Work output would obviously be slow during the days of the move. In order to make sure you are ready for a few days of unproductivity, ensure that you work ahead of schedule during the days preceding the move.

Unplanned delays
You may think that your new office will be ready in one week, commercial-removals_1000x667but it may take up several more days for it to be completely ready. Setting up internet connections, phone lines, and putting the furniture together might take a longer time than anticipated. Make sure that your clients are aware and business does not suffer unnecessarily.

Business cards
Get new business cards with the new address printed on them in advance. It is important to use the right business cards right after you move, so that present and prospective customers are spared any confusion and inconvenience while you pick up your business from right where it was.

Inform the customers
Find the right means to inform the existing customers about shifting offices. You could send out emails, snail mail or make phone calls regarding the same.

Register the new address
Changing the address in legal documents is extremely important. It should be done at least a month prior to the shifting date as business-moves_1000x667the process takes a long time.

Transfer all services
Phone, internet and post service providers should be informed about the dates of the move and the new office address. This way they can do the needful to ensure that service starts immediately at the new address as soon as possible after the move.

Reliable removal companies
Numerous removal companies are now available to help you make the process of commercial removals easier. They ensure quick and safe moves for extremely reasonable rates; however, one must be careful when choosing the right removal service. It is helpful if the company comes recommended or has fair reimbursement policies for damages.

However, no matter how many precautions you take, if something can go wrong, it probably will. So make sure you are prepared for crisis situations and ensure that all employees follow the same plan.

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