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Office Removals - Saving Money On Removal Services Is A Bad Idea
16 December 2013

When you are doing an office removal, the costs will be mounting up. Without even thinking about the price of the new place, you will likely have massive overheads already, from solicitors and agency fees, to packing materials and of course, the decline in working hours whilst the move is taking place. For this reason you will be wanting to avoid spending any more money and making the move any more of a drain on your expenses, but you should be wary of the ways in which some may go about doing as such, as saving money on removals services can be a bad idea. It’s true, removals companies can be expensive, and it is no secret that there are ways of getting around using one, but as you will likely find out down the page, this can be a fatal flaw in your removals process, with so many things that can go wrong, you need to safeguard against accidents, damage and inefficiency to ensure that you are not furthering your money drain rather than preventing against it.

Let’s look at the ideal move situation in which you do not have to use removals service. The likelihood is that many people work at your office, and they will be able to help somewhat. If you can get everyone to pitch in then the carrying of boxes and sticking them in a rented van will be no more expensive than their average day’s work pay, so you are already saving. A fleet of man and van services should not be as pricy as a removals company, so that’s good, and you can get the ‘men’ from the van services to do the lifting of heavier items. All seems well and good, and you have saved a fair bit of money.

The reality however is that with the lack of experience that your workers will have had in lifting things, there is more than likely going to be issues with things being dropped, or people being hurt. Those who are untrained in the safety measures needed for lifting even middle weight boxes, can easily injure themselves, and the types of damage associated with lifting are usually back problems, which can last a life time. In this situation you may find that an employee can sue you for neglect and endangering them, despite it being their fault that they lifted the box wrong. Libel aside, you cannot put your faith in untrained staff, as your items will be at risk as well. You will likely have computers in boxes that need moving, and even a light knock can damage these irreparably, which will costs hundreds of pounds in replacements or repairs. Lifting heavier or larger items like tables and desks can be a whole other game as well. Lifting such an item is not difficult, but maneuvering it down stairs or around corners is difficult, which means it will either take a while or will result in damage to the item or the walls that it is knocked in to. Either way, you are looking at things taking too long to be worth the savings, or costing you money in repairs!

Hiring a decent removals company needn’t be something that you need to avoid. There are price plans to suit your needs, so that you can make sure that your move goes ahead without a hitch. Avoid spending more than you need to and hire a removals company, as they will be essential in reducing the stress, mess and expense of moving office.

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