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How to Organise your SW11 House Removal
16 December 2013

To make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible, there are a few key ways to get organised prior to your removal company arriving and transporting your goods out of your SW11 home. Below are some guidelines on how to organise, pack and plan the removal ensuring the whole process is as stress free as possible.

Set yourself a schedule and budget

The trick to any successful move is to start planning well in advance of moving day. The two things that should be done first are setting a schedule and a moving budget. The budget should be realistic, and include an ‘emergency fund’ that can be used if something unexpected happens. Try not to go over your budget once it’s set. Generally, you’ll find just having one will make you more conscious of where you are spending and whether some expenses can be saved in certain areas. Your schedule will help to make sure that you get all associated tasks done in time, but be sure to keep a few spare days in case something goes wrong.

Start the packing early where you can

It will be unrealistic and stressful to try and get everything packed on moving day, and if you add gradual packing to your schedule you’ll find that you will have the majority of your items packed by the time you have to move. It’s generally best to start with any items that are not in everyday use, such as valuables. You can then start staggering your packing up to moving day, working your way through the items that are less essential until all you have left are the day to day goods that can be packed close to moving day.

Organise your packing

Make sure you are labelling all boxes clearly as you pack them. Not only will this make the whole loading process a lot easier, but it will make the unpacking at your new home much less hassle too. If you label each box with contents and the room that you want those contents in, you can get your SW11 removal company to unload them straight into the right rooms at your new home.

Get a removal company sorted

Again, this can be done fairly early on, so you have your moving schedule set and know how much time you have to organise everything else. There will be a large selection of removal companies in the SW11 area, so shop around and research any companies you think will be suitable before booking. Get a number of quotes and compare prices before you commit to anything, and if possible try to take advantage of any special offers or time specific advantages that your move might offer (Moving during the week for example, often works out cheaper than the weekend).

Be flexible and have a contingency plan

No matter how organised you are, sometimes things just go wrong. However, by factoring this possibility in at the planning stage, you can be somewhat prepared if anything does throw a spanner in the works. As mentioned, you should include a few ‘free’ days in your schedule, and some extra funding in your budget for such an eventuality, but also try to have a man with a van SW11on standby. They can be great for any last minute problems and offer very flexible services, and can normally be booked on the day if needed.

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