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How To Make Your SW4 House Removal Quick And Easy
16 December 2013

The simplest way to achieve a quick and easy move into the SW4 area is organisation. If you make sure you are organised and plan in advance, you can turn even a large and seemingly mammoth SW4 move into a fairly straightforward one. There are a number of ways to do this, most of which will require you to start getting things in motion a few months before moving day arrives.

Make a checklist and schedule

The first thing you should do, and something that can be done as soon as you know you are relocating, is draw up a checklist of everything that needs to be done, followed by a schedule. Be realistic about your schedule, don’t try and set yourself impossible goals, but at the same time try to make sure you stick to it fairly rigorously. Your moving checklist should then be tied in with the schedule, so you can start completing tasks gradually as the days go by until relocating to SW4.

Planning the packing

By getting your packing planned and organised, you will save a lot of potential stress when moving day arrives. You can also start this earlier than you might think, and link the packing to your schedule. It can be helpful to begin by sorting out all your things. Anything that can be thrown out or even sold should be put to one side. Next, start gathering all your valuables and other items that are not used very often. These can be the first things to be packed, and can be done well in advance. Ideally, you should aim to stagger your packing in such a way that leaves only the bare essentials to be packed the day before moving day. This way, you will have 90% of the packing done when moving day arrives, with everything packed and ready to go.

Another handy tip for saving time when loading and unloading your removal van, is to label your boxes clearly with contents and room that should be unpacked in. For example, you might have a box labelled ‘kitchen utensils – kitchen’ and so on. When it comes to unpacking, you’ll then be able to directly place items in the right rooms, saving you time later on.

For any of your old items that you cleared out, start looking for places to sell them or give them away. The internet is great for this, and any money raised can go towards your move. Again, this is something you can do well in advance.

Making a floor plan

If you get the chance, on your next visit to your new SW4 home, try drawing up a rough floor plan, and think about where you want to place all your furniture and appliances once you’ve moved in. This way, once you begin to unload your removal van, you can start getting everything in place straight away. By doing so, you’ll not only have all the heavy lifting out the way, but won’t have to come back and start shifting things around after unloading everything from the van. As mentioned, the same applies to your labelled boxes. Everything will be in the room it is supposed to be in, and will simply require unpacking and no shifting around.

Don’t rush

Once you’ve arrived at your new SW4 home, it will be hard to resist the temptation to try and get all your unpacking done there and then. While following the above tips will certainly go a long way to achieving this, if you’re tired then take a break. You have as much time as you need to unpack and get settled, so make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy your new home!

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