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Finding A Great And Trustworthy Man And Van Service
23Apr 2014
The man and van service is a life line for many people who need something moved at the last minute, whether during a removal, or for storage purposes. You will often find that the man and van service can help you out in dire situations, because they are so flexible generally. The beauty of the man and van service is that there are so many out there that it is always easy to find one, but with all that choice comes the risk that you may put yourself in danger by being a little too trusting. If you think about it, a man and van run can be quite a vulnerable place to find yourself! If your load is expensive, and you are on your own, then there is certainly reason to be aware that things could get nasty. As ever, 99.9 percent of man and van drivers are wonderfully trustworthy people, but that does not mean that you should not be aware of the 0.1 percent of drivers who might be looking to take you for a ride! Finding a trustworthy van man is easy, and once you have one, you should use them alone, to build up a relationship and a certain sense of loyalty. The best way to start is to ask those who you trust in the first place. Your friends, family and colleagues are likely to have a couple of ideas amongst their numbers as to who you could call up, and if you feel like you know where the recommendation is coming from, then there is no reason to be concerned as to the trustworthiness of the driver themselves! The fact is, many drivers want to avoid leaving their numbers on the internet, or local ads, so tend to work via a word of mouth service, that prevents them being targeted by strange people! Therefore, asking your friends as to whether they have someone that they can recommend will be a great way to start the process of finding someone great. If your friends don’t have anyone to recommend, then you should look online at reviews. These will usually be targeted at larger companies, rather than covering smaller or independent van services, so they are limited in their uses. However, they do show that these services are legitimate, and trustworthy, so that’s something at least!You can tell a lot about a person’s character by the way that they deal with you on the phone. A driver who sounds like they don’t want to speak to you is unlikely to give you the best job, so try finding someone who sounds friendly and honest. Always be sensible about how you meet and get the job done. If the driver wants to do the job at some ungodly hour in the night time, then you should avoid it. Do things on your terms, in the daytime, when you know you are going to be safe. If you are a woman on your own, it is a good idea to take a friend with you who can help if anything strange should happen. Whilst it is rare for anything to go on, it is essential that you prepare against it without being rude, as otherwise your politesse could land you in serious danger. If the driver is not happy with your bringing someone along, then you should hear alarm bells anyway, and cancel the booking. Safety is important, but don’t go offending anyone unduly if possible!

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