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Different Self Storage Options
16 December 2013

Making use of self storage services can be vital if you’re planning an international or long distance relocation, and can be equally useful whether you are moving office or home. Self storage is a fast growing market in the UK, and there are an ever growing number of companies to choose from that provide an ever increasing range of services. In order to make sure you get the right service, below are some quick guides to the various types of storage available, and some suggestions on how you can use these services to benefit your relocation.

Long term storage    

Most companies will offer different options depending on the length of time you want to store your items. If you need to store something indefinitely, then choosing a large secure storage facility will generally be the best option. This is generally used by businesses that need to make office space or simply store documents that are very rarely needed. You might find this kind of storage useful if you have a small business too, and need somewhere cost effective to hold stock.

Short term storage

Using a storage company in the short term is generally more useful when moving home, especially if your relocation has a long distance to cover. If you plan to move from London to Scotland for example, it may be far easier for you to get the majority of your household items shipped ahead and stored until you arrive at your new property. When looking for potential suppliers of this service, always check to see if your removal company offers storage options as part of their removals package. This can save you money and convenience, as the removal company will be able to pick your items up and send them directly to storage for you.

Choosing a storage company

There are things to consider when choosing any service, and these apply equally to any storage company you might be considering. Try to find a few different companies that you can get estimates from, and compare to get the best deal in the area. Although there is a large selection of national storage companies, there are many smaller operations to be found in many metropolitan areas, and if you don’t require large amounts of space, these should be considered too. Some things you may also want to consider is the location of the storage facility itself, and how convenient and safe it is.

Important things to note

While using self storage can be a great option whatever the requirements of your move, it will be an additional expense on top of your moving budget. Sometimes, you may be better off by finding alternatives to storage. As an example, if you are planning on storing lots of old furniture or household goods for you move, it might be better to consider selling them. This way, you can raise additional funds for your relocation, save money on storage, and get rid of the items in one go. Keeping such items in a storage facility long term will become expensive, as you will probably not want to pick them up and find room for them in your new house after the move. Something else to consider is insurance when storing. Although many storage companies will offer you insurance, check if anything is covered by your own household policy. This can sometimes save you money. Finally, you often need quite a lot of identification and documentation when hiring a storage space, so make sure to check what is required from your chosen company.

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