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De-Clutter Before Moving House
06Jan 2015
There are many ways that you can prepare to move house, the most practical thing to do is to de-clutter. Moving house is essentially your chance to start afresh and remove all the cluttering items that take up unnecessary space in your home. Think about the figurines on the bookshelf, the box filled with junk next to the couch, or the whole section of your wardrobe that holds clothes you never wear. When you’re getting ready for your relocation, also get ready to say goodbye to such items! The good thing about de-cluttering the home is that is can be done while you’re working through your moving checklist. As soon as the packing begins, so does the de-cluttering.As you work through your home room by room preparing it for the move, consider working strategically and categorically. These steps will help you to do this:1.    Have three stations in the room: one for definitely keeping, one for throwing away, and one for undecided. It is ok to be undecided at first. Give yourself plenty of time and start packing early so that you can go back and make final decisions on items later.2.    Next, consider if you are going to keep the item. If you are one hundred per cent certain it’s coming with you, put it in the keep station.3.    If something is broken and not wanted, it should go straight to the trash pile. This pile will be handy for unnecessary documents, papers and random bits of garbage you find while clearing out drawers and shelves.4.    If you have some items that are still in good condition and work fine, but you just don’t want them anymore, you can either donate or sell them.5.    Having a garage sale is a good idea after the first stages of de-cluttering and before you finalise your packing. Anything that doesn’t sell at the garage sale can then to donated to charity or you can try to re-sell it on eBay or other online classifieds. It is important to remember to make sure all items are in good condition before you sell or donate them. Most charity stores accept toys, clothes, sport equipment and books. Being ruthless with unwanted items will make your life simpler not only packing, but also when setting up your new home. It is also a good feeling knowing that your unwanted items may make someone else very happy and the items will be put to good use. The ultimate benefit to having a de-cluttered home is that is makes the removal process much easier. With less unnecessary junk to take the new home, you can hire a smaller removal van or go with a man and a van option which has the potential to save you money. Once you have de-cluttered, it is a good idea to contact different moving companies. Before you do this, you should estimate how many boxes and packing materials you will need for each room. This will help you gain a more accurate quote from the removal company so that they can supply you with the right amount of boxes you need and the correct removal van size. De-cluttering before moving house is the best thing you can do. It will allow you to start afresh at your new home. When you are setting up all your personal belongings in your new abode, you will be very pleased to start off on the right foot without the clutter!

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