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About Us


RemovalsClapham.com strives to do whatever it takes to help it’s customers with their home and office removals. These days fewer people are likely to take the risk of moving home and that is why we exist, so that we can make a relocation as easy and affordable a possible. People may be put off by all the hard work involved but we can have skilled people handle each task and complete it to the highest standard. We also attempt to adapt our services around the needs of the customer so that we help them with what they specifically need, which allows us to charge them accordingly, rather than using rigid package deals that could see them paying for something they do not use or it does not match exactly what they want.

We try to provide the best service by employing the best people. Our focus on our employees ensures that we only hire skilled and experienced movers who will be able to handle the main tasks associated with a relocation professionally and properly. We also only look for individuals who are friendly, patient and accommodating so that our customers can approach them at any time of the process to ask for guidance, reassurance, additional information and more. We want someone who will stop what they are doing to help a client or will rearrange their plans to be of service to the person we are helping. The experience we expect from the people we take on not only allows for the job to be done properly but also undertaken in the best way that is possible for each client and it also allows them to bring new ideas and procedures that will improve the firm overall. Additional skills can be useful because it might allow for some unforeseen circumstance to be covered. For example, dismantling furniture cam make it easier to transport so having someone on staff with the knowledge to carefully take apart and then rebuild a item later can be exceedingly useful.

We try and make the services we offer to be extensive as possible. We want to go the extra mile for our clientele and so will do much more than just assist with packing, moving and transportation because we will offer secure storage spaces, help with paperwork, give advice and tips on how to make things easier, help set up their belongings in their new home or office, aid with international removals and attempt to streamline the process as much as possible with our man and van service. The more we do for our customers, the happier they will be and that is our goal.

Flexibility is another attribute we are keen to have. Our customers are our number one priority so everything is based around their needs. We will supply them with the help, equipment and materials that they need. We will handle their entire move for them if they wish or just help out with one aspect. We also charge accordingly meaning that a customer will never pay more than they have to. We also can provide a no obligation, free quote to a customer to give them an idea of our prices and services before they commit to anything.

A new home or office can be the start of a new chapter for a person. It brings new opportunities and a new way of life. It’s important that this important and exciting step is handled properly and with the reverence it deserves and that is RemovalsClapham.com exists and you can find out more or employ our services now by calling (phone number).